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Breeding Chesapeakes

Breeding is something I take very seriously.  Bringing new Chessies into the world should be done with careful thought of enhancing the breed.  If I could keep every puppy I would.  Knowing I can not, I strive to find the very best homes for future pups.  In turn, I will provide the new puppy owner with a Chesapeake that is bred to be within the breed standard, have an excellent temperament and willingness to work in the field retrieving birds or just in the backyard with a bumper or ball. 

I believe in health clearances for breeding animals.  These include OFA Hips and Elbows screening for dysplasia, CERF exam for the eyes, and DNA blood tests for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) and DM (degenerative myelopathy). and EIC (exercised induced collapse)   Visit the Health Page to learn more.   This information is important for the entire Chesapeake gene pool.  With this information we can breed to avoid having affected dogs, and still use a large gene pool to keep genetic diversity.

I love competition and proving myself, so my dogs are also out proving themselves.  I compete in Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Hunt Tests and strive for titles in all.

I have a puppy contract that guarantee's hips and eye's, and places puppies with a Limited or Full AKC registration.

  Puppies are raised in the house with the family.  I will perform "Early Neurological Stimulation".   They will be socialized with children, cats and introduced to gunshots, birds and water weather permitting.  Before leaving to their new homes they will be registered with the AKC, have at least 2- set of vaccinations, dewormed at least 3 times and will be microchipped.  I will have a go-home bag of goodies too.

I hope you see my commitment to breeding exceptional Chesapeakes and that I take pride in the puppies I produce. 

WHAT IS A BREEDER                Don't Buy a Chessie if..

 Upcoming Breeding plans:

Lotus has been bred with Max

She is Clear By Parentage for PRA, DM and EIC, OFA eyes normal, OFA hips good.

This litter will be co-bred with Adrian Pimentel

GCH Marjan's It's All In The Game MH  X

Mudcreeks Lotus Blossom At Madrona DS



ILotus has a ton of drive and we do have plans to run hunting tests with her.  She has her Dock Senior title and LOVES to Dock Dive.  She is a fun loving and sweet tempered girl.  For her conformation Champion title she has 14 of the 15 points needed.  She just needs 1 major win to complete the title.

These 2 complement each other very well.  I expect Show Quality Pups With Excellent Retrieving Drive

I have started an interest list.  Email me at and I will put you on the list.

Contact:  Michelle Voss

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